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The purpose of the EAST RAND SHOW is quite simple, to become one the biggest Shows in South Africa, and we are not holding back!!!!

Starting 30 November to 2 December 2017 at the Benoni Northerns Sports Club the East Rand will see for the 1st time in their History a Show of this magnitude!!!

There will be an exclusive range of products in every sector of all industries, ranging from small to large businesses and companies.

Our goal is to get as many Businesses to participate in The EAST RAND SHOW by displaying their products and services to the rest of South Africa and get as much exposure possible; this is the ultimate platform to do just that!!!

We will provide something of interest for all visitors from all corners of life.

The sectors of the EAST RAND SHOW will include:

  • Aviation
  • Agriculture
  • Arts & Culture/ Design
  • Automotive
  • Industrial/Mining
  • Technology
  • Décor/Furnishing/Home Improvement/Gardening
  • Health/ Sports & Recreation
  • Entertainment
  • Security
  • Tourism
  • General/farmers market and flea market
  • Property/Development
  • Financial
  • Retail

We will have at least 600 exhibitors from all over South Africa to attend this extravagant event during the 3 day period! This will be the first event of many to come and will be held annually and establish a reputation like none other, therefore we will work hand in hand with our exhibitors and the public to make sure of it!

Our aim is to have at least 45 000 visitors through the gates and it’s possible because we will be marketing extensively, and not just that; who won’t want to be there???

Marketing is done nationally in various ways using Local as well as National Newspapers, Magazines, Billboards, The Internet, Social Media, Radio Stations, Flyers, Banners etc.

Remember; this is our Show and by our Show we mean everybody that’s involved and therefore we will be relying much on your help as well to market “our” event.

There will be enough entertainment throughout the duration of the show to keep both parents and children busy, 2 of the largest nursery schools in the East Rand will also be there to watch over the kids and feed them if mom and dad want to be alone for some time. (Fun Land)

The Fun Land sector will host a variety of rides and pleasures for young and old to indulge themselves in, (15 000  square meters of fun); the largest beer tent with carts driving around on the show grounds delivering beverages and food to the exhibitors through orders, because of the size of our Show Grounds we will have Beer Gardens spread throughout the venue to make it easier for Exhibitors and visitors alike.

A full A-La – Carte Restaurant (sit down) will be operated on the Show grounds and will host at least 200 patrons where food and wine will be served from a continental menu.

Along with this there will also be a huge variety of food quarters and stalls placed strategically throughout the show grounds where you can sit down and enjoy your beverage or snack, relaxing while the entertainment unfolds around you.

Flea market stalls are traditional and will also become a part of the East Rand Show as there are lack of it at most of today’s shows where everything became to commercialized and people tend to forget how to relax and enjoy themselves, but this year everything will change as this will be one the Greatest events you will ever attend!!!

There will also be different competitions (with huge prizes) taking place throughout the event where teams and individuals can compete for the top prizes

  • Cheerleading (Schools – Floating Trophy 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place)
  • & MS East Rand (Ages 18 – 26 – Trophies and cash prizes)
  • & Mrs. Fitness ( Trophies and cash prizes)
  • Baby of the year (0-12 Months – Cash prizes and gifts)
  • Toddler of the year (1-6 Years – Cash prizes and gifts)
  • Stand of the year (Floating Trophy as well as free stand for next year’s East Rand Show)
  • East Rand Business of the year (Floating Trophy – This is the ultimate category and will be announced by the Mayor of Ekurhuleni in person on the Saturday.

    There will be entry fees for the next competitions:

Baby and Toddler competitions, Mr. & MS East Rand, Mr. & Mrs. Fitness.

As this is the 1st East Rand Show we will be relying much on the help of the Exhibitors for sponsorships and prizes for the different categories.

This will be the 1st Show that will host Artists from different genres and cultural Groups and means that if you want to see the TOP names in the Entertainment and Music Industry this will be the one Show you would not want to miss out on!!!!

Our state of the art Stage will be done by Virtual Productions and the design will also be a first in the Events Industry.

With our diversity in the Business, Arts, Entertainment and Cultural sectors there is no other Show in South Africa equal to the East Rand Show!!!!



The following will also be part of the entertainment held during the day:

  • SANDF Demonstration, Weapon’s Display
  • SAPS K9 Unit
  • Paratroopers
  • National Rescue Unit
  • Car Show Hosted by Badass Customs and Speed and Sound on Saturday 2 December.
  • Airshow
  • Helicopter Flights (Capital Air SA)
  • Live demonstrations by Exhibitors
  • Strong Man Competition
  • Various entertainment for the kiddies (Done by Nursery Schools), Theme Parks, rides etc.

For the 1st time we will have an Interactive APP that will host every single business attending, registered with all their details. Visitors will be able to download the APP for FREE prior to arriving at the show or at the Entrances, to see which Exhibitors have what they are looking for! They will also be able to find the Exhibitors for the Next 12 month on the same App.

The EIBN APP (Ekurhuleni Innovative Business Network App) will be an FREE Word of Mouth Marketing tool for Exhibitors and will run for a full 12 Months. This will allow you to communicate with clients you have interacted with at the show, and all new clientele after the show for the next 12 months, saving you thousands on flyers and business card prints, as you have unlimited space for flyers and your own Mobile Business Card all included into your App listing.

We can promise you that this Event will be the only platform that can give you this kind of exposure and we look forward to doing business with you!!

The East Rand Show will kick off on 30 November until 2 December 2017.

In all its entirety this Show will be one of the biggest outdoor Events in  South Africa and it will cover everything you can imagine, our Show grounds will be The Benoni Northerns Sports Club which comprises of 169 000 square meters (Football Fields) this is enough space for us to host this massive Event!!

By saying massive we mean massive in every way!!!

The stand sizes will vary, smallest being 9sqm to the largest being 1000sqm, the John Barrabble Hall is approximately 2000sqm and this is where the more exclusive products will be showcased and Exhibitors will have to go all out to compete for the stand of the year, the overall winner will have the 2018 stand for free as well as a Floating Trophy.

We can promise you that this Event will be the only platform that can give you this kind of exposure and we look forward to doing business with you for many years to come!!!!

There’s no business like Show Business


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